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My Personal Story 




I was 10 years old when I started to seriously memorize the Qur’an in 1999 at Darul Ehsan in Suffern, NY. With me, there were over 50 students attempting to memorize the Qur’an from different age groups – kids that were as young as 6 and as old as 24. One of the biggest challenges for me while I was memorizing was that I would constantly get the same mistakes when I reviewed previous Juz that I already memorized. I could review a Juz 4-5 times before reciting to my teacher and I would get minimal mistakes. However, if you asked me a week later to recite that same Juz without reviewing, I would get mistakes, especially repeat ones.

 Millions of Qur’an memorizers ALWAYS get mistakes when they revise 

 After reviewing the Qur’an for over a decade, and talking to hundreds of Qur’an memorizers, I realized that EVERYBODY faces the same issue of always making mistakes when they revise the Qur’an (often times repeat mistakes). This is a very big personal struggle that’s faced by all memorizers. Every Qur’an memorizer will testify that Qur’an memorization is not nearly as difficult as retaining what you’ve memorized. You have to constantly revise what you memorized or you will 100% forget it.


I’ve been really digging deep into this problem and one of the main reasons that people constantly make mistakes is that they don’t have much actionable data on their mistakes.


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