Ramadan Challenge 2014: Introduction

Introduction:Welcome to the Islamic Fitness 2014 Ramadan Challenge. To Sign up for the Ramadan Challenge, please visit our launch page here:



After subscribing to the challenge, we will be providing daily emails, which will include action items to be completed daily. We ensure that if these action items are completed, your goals will be fulfilled by the end of Ramadan InshAllah. These action items will include spiritual tasks, exercise routines and meal plans that fall under three areas we plan to cover:

Spiritual Health

             Exercise & Fitness    

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Diet & Nutrition


Based on each individual’s age and weight class, they will be able to select one of three exercise routines or one of two meal plans to reach their Ramadan goals. We will be updating these action items daily.


Please feel free to track your results and share them with us on our Social Media accounts!