Qur’an Academy: The World’s First Smart Qur’an Memorization & Revision App

We envision a world where our technology is at the forefront of helping the common Muslim become a more effective Qur’an Memorizer & Reviser insha’Allah!


Please pledge here to make Qur’an Academy a reality:


My Personal Story 




I was 10 years old when I started to seriously memorize the Qur’an in 1999 at Darul Ehsan in Suffern, NY. With me, there were over 50 students attempting to memorize the Qur’an from different age groups – kids that were as young as 6 and as old as 24. One of the biggest challenges for me while I was memorizing was that I would constantly get the same mistakes when I reviewed previous Juz that I already memorized. I could review a Juz 4-5 times before reciting to my teacher and I would get minimal mistakes. However, if you asked me a week later to recite that same Juz without reviewing, I would get mistakes, especially repeat ones.

 Millions of Qur’an memorizers ALWAYS get mistakes when they revise 

 After reviewing the Qur’an for over a decade, and talking to hundreds of Qur’an memorizers, I realized that EVERYBODY faces the same issue of always making mistakes when they revise the Qur’an (often times repeat mistakes). This is a very big personal struggle that’s faced by all memorizers. Every Qur’an memorizer will testify that Qur’an memorization is not nearly as difficult as retaining what you’ve memorized. You have to constantly revise what you memorized or you will 100% forget it.


I’ve been really digging deep into this problem and one of the main reasons that people constantly make mistakes is that they don’t have much actionable data on their mistakes.


Here’s what I mean by that. Currently, people track their mistakes by drawing lines in the Qur’an on where they are messing up. Some people draw lines while others draw circles around their mistakes, or a combination of both. Below is an example of how most people track their mistakes.

Unfortunately, this method is not so effective to strengthen our weaker memorization areas. Memorizers need smart data on where they need improvement and where they are making repeat mistakes.


This is why Qur’an Academy was born.  It’s a humble effort to provide smarter data to help folks become more effective with their memorization & revision insha’Allah!




Qur’an Academy is very flexible and is meant for anybody who wants to memorize at least some portion of the Qur’an, no matter how old or young you are.


This technology is meant for everybody. If you are currently in school and you want to memorize some Qur’an effectively at your own pace, Qur’an Academy can help you. If you are a busy working professional who wants to memorize some of the longer surahs and you need something on-the-go that’s adaptive and effective, this is for you. If you are a parent whose child is memorizing Qur’an or is a Hafidh/a, Qur’an Academy can help them tremendously. You can use our technology to perfect whatever you’ve memorized. We envision a world where our technology is at the forefront of helping the common Muslim become a more effective memorizer/reviser insha’Allah!


Khalid Latif’s Testimonial





Our crowd-funding campaign of $120,000 will help us build a product that includes the following features:

*Mutashaabihaats are similar verses in the Qur’an with subtle differences that always confuse us when we revise.


Although our initial private beta will be an iPad app launch in Aug. 2014, we will scale to all devices for our public beta in Jan. 2015 (iPhone + Android)



Beautiful Landing Pages



Painless Signup Process

During the initial signup process, the user will go through a very simple experience to describe his or her goals & memorization backgrounds. You can select how much of the Qur’an you memorized along with the Mushaf you currently use (Medina, Urdu, 13, 14, 15, or 16 lines per page), so we can provide you a super flexible and convenient experience.


Create Memorization Lessons 


Users can create memorization lessons & hide specific ayahs (verses) to test themselves.


Track Mistakes



Users can highlight their mistakes. If a user makes a mistake the first time, it highlights it in yellow. The second time a user mistakes a mistake, it highlights it in orange and the third time it highlights in red, indicating a common, repeat mistake. Users can also unhide their mistakes as well to test how well they know the page!

Take Adaptive Quizzes




Users can take quizzes on specific areas of the Qur’an in order to further test their  revision. For example, a quiz may state a specific verse then ask “what verse comes next,” giving 4 different verses as options. There will be several questions per quiz and the quiz results will be saved in the dashboard. This adaptive quiz will get more and more sophisticated since we’ll be using data from our users to tailor the behavior of our platform to best suit individual learning habits.


Our Beautiful Dashboard Will Have Analytics On Your Memorization

Our dashboard will allow users to track their Qur’an memorization. They can view their progress on a certain Juz, see how many mistakes they made per Juz as well as their average quiz scores for each Juz. Through time, we will have more robust analytics that will display deep data on your memorization metrics.

Here’s How We’ll Use The Funds



Our Goals for the Next 6-12 Months



August 2014



We are planning on launching our private beta in August insha’Allah to a closed group of users to test behavior & experience. It’s very important for us to enhance user experience before marketing to the public. Initially, we are launching an iPad app and then we’ll scale to an iPhone + Android App by the end of the year.


January 2015



June 2015



The complete product will be launched to the public in all devices insha’Allah!

                   ***Stretch Goal***






Here’s Our Rewards System














Help us achieve our vision, by making sure that Qur’an Technology is not just collecting dust in an age of immense tech innovation!

We really need the community support and most importantly, your dua’s to execute on this beautiful vision inshAllah.


Other Ways You Can Help

We believe EVERYONE can be a part of the Qur’an Academy Legacy!

Please share our campaign with your friends & family!

You don’t have to contribute financially if you’re unable to, but what we would urge you to do is PLEASE SHARE, TWEET, EMAIL, AND SPREAD THE WORDabout our revolutionary Qur’an app to all your nearest and dearest!

We believe reward is given by the intention, so even if you forward this link to someone who pledges while you haven’t been able to, God willing you’ll still get the reward for it too! This is from the beauty and generosity of our Lord!

Finally, we’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU from the Qur’an Academy         Team to EVERYONE that supports us on our journey insha’Allah!






How can we contact you?

Feel free to email us anytime at hello@quranacademy.io

When does the free subscription reward start?

The free subscription reward will start from the day we launch our complete product. Let’s say you pledged $75 on our campaign, you are entitled to 2 years free subscription. You will be on our private and public beta, and your 1 year subscription will start from the day we launch our complete product in June 2015 insha’Allah.

Will the App be free?

The app will be free during our beta launches. However, once we launch the final product by June 2015, we will start charging a monthly or yearly subscription. Don’t worry, the App will be super affordable insha’Allah:)



When are you launching the final product?

We are planning on launching the complete product in all devices (iPhone, Android, iPad) by June 2015. We are a technology company so we’ll always be adding more features as we get more and more customer feedback  🙂

What features will be included in the final product?

We will have a number of dynamic features:

1)  Create memorization lessons

2)  Track your mistakes

3) Take Adaptive Quizzes to reinforce weaker memorization areas

4) Connect with Qur’an memorizers so they can track mistakes for you

5) View Common Mutashaabihaats (similar verses with subtle differences) per Juz

6) We’ll have a Dashboard that displays robust Analytics on your memorization

What are you launching in August?

In August, we are planning on launching our private beta so that we can test user behavior and collect feedback. It will be an iPad launch only and will be marketed to a closed group (including our backers).

What’s happening by January 2015?

By January 2015, we are planning on launching our public beta across all devices (iPhone, Android, iPad).

Are you launching a Speech Recognition Engine?

A Speech Recognition System will automatically point out user’s mistakes and prompt them when the mistakes are made. If we reach our stretch goal of $400,000, we would launch this feature by the end of 2015.

Also, one thing to keep in mind is that the Speech Recognition feature will not be 100% accurate. We are confident that it can be 90% accurate through time. As we start collecting more and more data on users, the Engine will become more and more accurate and through time, it will be pretty robust insha’Allah.

Are you planning on launching in multiple languages?

insha’Allah that’s the goal. We will certainly launch in multiple languages over time. We are planning to scale to other common languages spoken in Muslim countries by Fall 2015.


How can we learn more about Qur’an Academy updates?

We’ll be posting updates here on this campaign as well as onwww.quranacademy.io.

Like us on Facebook to learn more about our updates

Follow us on Twitter to learn more as well insha’Allah!

Please keep us in your dua’s as you will be in ours.


Qur’an Academy Team

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