Islamic Fitness

Assalamu’Alaikum and Welcome to Islamic Fitness!

Who are we?

Islamic Fitness is here to provide Muslims globally with information in regards to health and wellness to improve their daily lives. This website will include articles from Muslim Health Professionals, Personal Trainers and Nutritionists along with, daily health tips, meal recommendations and exercise routines. There will be three subjects we plan to cover; Spiritual Health, Exercise/Fitness & Diet/Nutrition.

Using this platform our first initiative is to launch a 30 Day Ramadan Challenge. This challenge will allow users to select any of three goals; to lose weight, maintain high energy levels, or educate Non-Muslims about why we fast, all during the month of Ramadan. We plan to have daily action items regarding each subject and a scoring system to track actions completed. At the end of Ramadan; based on the scoring system there will be gifts and prizes as incentives to complete the Challenge. To learn more about the Challenge, click on the Ramadan Challenge Tab in the navigation bar.  To sign up for the challenge, please visit:
Jazakallah Khair!
-The Islamic Fitness Team